Return Policy

Will enable the cancellation of a transaction and the return of products purchased through the site within 14 days from the date of their receipt with the customer, sealed and packed in their original packaging, and without any opening or use marks.

For these products, a cash refund will be given less shipping costs, whichever is lower. If the Company has additional costs, such as cancellation fees to the credit company, these costs will be deducted from the amount of the credit that will be available to the customer.

If the customer wishes to transport the returned product to the site management, the transportation will be done by him and at his own risk. The site management does not handle the transportation of the products returned to it.

Upon receipt of the returned product at the offices of the site's management and/or the supplier, a review of the product will be conducted, and if it is found to meet the terms of return, the customer will be credited in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

The right to cancel the transaction and the return of the products will not be given in the following cases if the product is "Passive Goods" as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, i.e. a product that cannot be used again or provided to another consumer. Therefore, the customer must preserve the product under the appropriate conditions to return it. In addition, there is no right to cancel a product that is created and/or commissioned specifically for the customer.

The cancellation results do not detract from the supplier's right to claim damages because the value of the asset has decreased because of a significant deterioration in his condition.

March 22nd 2021