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Welcome to our Gamila Secret blog. Here we’ll unravel ancient beauty secrets together and provide you with our best skin care tips. But first, let’s introduce you to our brand.

This story starts with Gamila herself. Gamila Secret is the fruition of years of learning and exploring nature’s secrets. Gamila Hiar, our founder, has travelled for years to discover the secrets of nature so she could improve her healing formula. Our brand’s heritage is her ancient knowledge about herbs and oils. You can learn more about Gamila here.

Our skincare line is the result of passion and dedication. Every product is carefully handmade to achieve the best possible quality. We believe in the power of traditional methods and natural ingredients and that is why Gamila Secret is a 100% natural skincare brand, made of a secret mixture of herbs and superior oils. Our formulas are developed to give you a healthy and beautiful skin.

Gamila Secret is an internationally awarded brand. Our products have been distinguished with various awards all over the world, amongst them:

As a brand rooted in tradition and handmade processes, we are aware of the importance of growth and evolution. For the last months, we have been dedicated to improving our service and becoming closer to you and that is why we have refreshed our website now at

We aim to provide you with an easy and pleasant shopping experience, always with the Gamila Secret values and principles as a strong foundation. To achieve this we have curated the products best suitable for each skin type so you can find the perfect match for your skin’s needs and characteristics to attain a glowing healthy complexion.

Our range goes from the well-known and recognised Cleansing Bars, an essential step in every skin care routine, as well as our face oils to provide you with a daily dose of moisture and glow. Do not forget our hand and foot care range that will help you to restore your skin.

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