The benefits of a Natural skincare routine


Gamila Secret Team

Natural skin care has been a current topic. As people look for healthier, more sustainable products, companies are learning to adapt to this demand and producing more skin care with natural ingredients. Gamila Secret has always been a 100% natural and handmade brand, it is our heritage. Here is why you should switch to an all-natural skin care routine.

Natural Skin Care is Gentle and Safe

Do you usually consider the side effects of your skin care routine? Synthetic skin care products contain ingredients that can be harsh for your skin, causing redness, swelling, itchiness or even an allergic reaction. Most famously known brands of skin care are full of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or propylene glycol which can disrupt your endocrine system. What is even scarier is that these ingredients can build up in your body overtime, even if you’re only using them externally.

However, if you opt for a natural alternative, these risks are avoided. Natural products do not possess harmful or irritant ingredients.  They are made from real plants and herbs, using rich essential oils. Ingredients that have been used for centuries, with no artificial adjustments. Their effects have been studied for years, assuring the final products are safe. Not only safe, but better! Natural products actually take care of your skin, adding moisture, vitamins and even healing properties.

Nurtures your skin

Natural skin care products are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Resveratrol and much more. All ingredients are familiar such as lavender, jojoba oil, jasmine, rosemary, argan oil, etc. These ingredients are filled properties that are beneficial for your skin. They won’t dry you out or be too harsh. In fact, brands usually use plants and herbs to heal skin conditions such as acne and eczema, or simply to improve skin condition. Gamila Secret has been using a secret formula of herbs and oils since day one. Our all-natural products gently clean and nourish the skin.

No more clogged pores

Synthetic skin care has a lot of artificial ingredients that can easily clog your pores and make you break out. This means that switching to a natural skin care routine can help clear your skin. Just make sure to test new products one at a time to test your tolerance. If you have oily skin and are acne prone, we recommend you try our Spearmint Sparkle cleansing bar.

The smell is better, in every way

When you purchase from an all-natural beauty brand you may notice the smell of the products is much better than synthetic products. Synthetic products use synthetic perfumes to cover the foul smell of chemicals. Not only is the result an intense artificial scent, but it can irritate sensitive skin and it is another unnecessary layer of chemicals. 

Natural products have natural scents that are much more pleasing. In addition, your product will smell great without aggravating your skin. One of our favorites at Gamila Secret is our Lavender Heaven cleansing bar, it soothes and restores the skin while leaving your body with a calming, relaxing, natural fragrance.

Protects the Environment

Natural skin care products are better for the environment than synthetic ones. The ingredients for natural products are more sustainably sourced and have a lower impact on the environment. Sourcing ingredients for synthetic skin care products puts a big strain on the environment since there’s a lot of ingredients that require mining (lead, aluminum, etc.). Mining creates a big carbon footprint, negatively affecting the planet.

Another reason synthetic products are not good for the environment is that the chemicals used during production can seriously harm animals and plants if spilled. If these products seep into the ground, they can damage the surrounding ecosystems.

Natural beauty brands maintain sustainable sourcing practices. They care for the environment so the environment can keep providing them with the best quality ingredients possible. Many natural brands invest in their suppliers to ensure their sustainability and livelihood. Our brand has invested in local farmers, helping them source nature’s properties while protecting the environment.

A natural skin care routine can be your best friend. It is good for your skin and the environment, even encouraging Fairtrade. There is no downside, what are you waiting for? It is time to go all natural!