Discover what your skin type is and the best skincare routine for you


Gamila Secret Team

Your skin goes through aggressions every day. From environmental pollution to hormonal imbalance, to consequences of your lifestyle, your skin is always exposed to harmful agents. Your skin is also unique to you and deserves personalized care. To obtain the best results, it is important to care for it according to its needs.

Here is a complete guide on how to discover and take care of your skin type, with special tips to help you choose the best Gamila Secret formula for your skin.


Normal Skin

What to look for: Your skin does not react with most daily stimuli and does not require much care for it to maintain a healthy complexion. Here are some signs to look out for if you have normal skin:

  • Not many breakouts
  • Your skin does not tend to react badly to new products or weather changes
  • You don’t feel like you need to constantly moisturize
  • You do not feel oil on your skin
  • Firm skin, with minimal fine lines and wrinkles

Gamila’s Tips: Since you were blessed with normal skin, you do not experience much sensitivity, dryness, or oiliness. Your skin can tolerate most ingredients, so feel free to experiment with different cleansers, moisturizers, and masks until you find your favorite.

The best products for normal skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Oily Skin

What to look for: If you have oily skin, you always seem to have a natural glow. This is the result of an excess of sebum production in your skin (especially on your T-zone). Mattifying powders and blotting sheets might just be your best friends already. Due to the oils in your skin, you might notice your makeup or skincare does not last very long. But not all is bad news, this type of skin is also less prone to wrinkles.

Gamila’s Tips: When it comes to oily skin, shine control seems to be the top concern. You should avoid ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum, and alcohol. Non-comedogenic products are great for oily skin as these won’t clog up your pores. Contrary to what many believe, oily skin still needs to be hydrated - oil-free moisturizers are the best for your skin. Other products we recommend are chemical exfoliants and clay masks. A very useful tip for oily skin does not over-wash your face! Washing your face too much can dry out your pores and cause them to produce even more oil.

The best products for oily skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Dry/Dehydrated Skin

What to look for: Even though dryness and dehydration are two different concerns, they have very similar signs. Here’s how to identify them.

Dryness is caused by a lack of oil in the skin. This lack of oil production can be a result of your lifestyle and environmental factors or a chronic condition (for example eczema or related conditions). Symptoms include:

  • Flakiness
  • Sensitivity
  • Itchiness
  • Cracks

Dehydration happens when your skin does not retain enough moisture. Symptoms include:

  • Tight feeling in your skin
  • A papery appearance or small, fine lines when your skin is pinched together

Gamila’s Tips: Dry and dehydrated skin requires different treatments.

If you have dry skin, you need to seal in the moisture by applying a rich moisturizer several times a day—especially after washing your hands or bathing. Keeping the air in your home and workplace warm and moist can help to heal your skin. You should avoid harsh soaps and products with lots of artificially added fragrances.

For dehydrated skin, it is best to look for water-based products, since you do not want to decrease your skin’s oil production even more. The most important tip we can give you for dehydrated skin is, to drink a lot of water!

The best products for dry/dehydrated skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Combination Skin

What to look for: Normally people with combination skin have a hard time figuring out their skin type. Combination skin is usually oily on the T-zone and dry or normal on the rest of the face.

Gamila’s Tips: The key for taking care of combination skin is balance. Treat your problem areas separately with spot treatments and use toners and creams to even out the skin. It is recommended you avoid the same ingredients as oily and dry skin, such as alcohol-based products.

The best products for combination skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Acne-Prone Skin

What to look for: You can tell your skin is acne-prone when you get frequent breakouts or breakouts that never really seem to go away. Your pores clog easily, giving way to whiteheads, blackheads, or pustules. You can have oily or dry skin and be prone to acne.

Gamila’s Tips: Cleansers formulated for acne treatment, exfoliants and moisturizers can help you minimize breakouts. To avoid making your preexistent breakouts worse gentle with your skin. Use a cleanser and a topical gel to treat and lighten acne scarring. Some ingredients that can fight acne are salicylic acid, clay, benzoyl peroxide, or retinol.

Note: Blemishes on your skin are not always acne. There is a condition called rosacea that is commonly known as “adult acne”. Some symptoms of this condition include flushing, prominent blood vessels, thickened skin, and stinging or burning. If your skin presents these symptoms, please skip to sensitive skin.

The best products for acne-prone skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Sensitive Skin

What to look for: Sensitive skin might be caused by genetics, allergies, or environmental factors, it usually presents various signs:

  • Frequent rashes and bumps
  • Patches of dry, flaky, and/or irritated skin
  • Stinging or burning after using a skincare product
  • Bad reactions to fragrance

Gamila’s Tips: As your skin is more sensitive it is also more prone to irritation, burning, redness, or breakouts. To keep your skin feeling and looking its best, we recommend you avoid fragrances and alcohol or antibacterial ingredients as these tend to irritate the skin. The ideal products for you and your skin type are more natural with fewer additives with calming, healing, or anti-inflammatory properties.

Note: Your skin can be sensitive and still be oily, dry, combination, or normal. You can still attend to the other needs of your skin while looking for more calming, natural products.

The best products for sensitive skin from our Gamila Secret line:


Mature Skin

What to look for: Each person carries the signs of the life they have lived, aging is a part of the process. The signs of aging are rather universal, even if your skin does not age at the same pace as others. Some of these signs are:

  • Some (or more than some) wrinkles
  • More dryness
  • Sagging
  • Dark spots
  • Dullness
  • Dehydration

Gamila’s Tips: Mature skin requires more attention and dedicated care. You should look for enhanced skincare to tackle past and future damage. An anti-aging routine can be started at any time. Choose treatments that can boost collagen, as well as protect against environmental aggressors and cell turnover. 

The best products for mature skin from our Gamila Secret line:


It is also important to keep in mind that you need to be consistent with your skincare routine to see the results. Choose the best products for you, apply them every day, and get healthier and glowing skin!